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Millions of our board trays have passed through complex supply chains from ‘field to fork’ and can be found on many retailer shelves.

Our Tailored Approach

  • Custom Design
  • Bespoke Manufacture
  • Efficient Delivery

Our Full HALOPACK® Collection

A Sustainable Future For Packaging

Sustainable development means working towards economic, environmental and social goals. It is a central part of our business strategy at The Alexir Partnership



We pride ourselves on being an industry-leader in the realms of sustainability. We use a range of eco-friendly materials to design and develop food packaging solutions that are not only exciting, colourful and innovative, but also tread lightly on the planet.

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"Alexir is one of the easiest companies to work with and, to be totally honest, has relieved a lot of pressure from my own workload in this aspect. Thank you to you all and your team there at Alexir for your ongoing support and excellent service level."

Julia Sutton, Packaging Buyer, Thanet Earth

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