Film Solutions

Do you require a sole supply solution for your packaging? We manufacture board trays and have a strong supply chain solution to combine trays and film. The benefit is one supplier to manage which saves you time and resource.

Key Benefits of Sole Supply

  • Vendor managed inventory

    Never have too little or too much

  • One supplier to manage

    All within the same business

  • Possible cost saving benefit

    Strong, strategic relationships with a global network of suppliers

  • Proactive account and stock management

    Leave it all up to us and never worry about running out of stock

  • One invoice

    Streamlining finances under one roof

  • Aligned technical support and advice

    Across both substrates


Lidding film solution from Alexir

Easy-peel, high barrier film suitable for an airtight seal

Reels of 280mm film dispatched at the same time as Halopack order


Flow wrap film solutions from Alexir

PE films - recyclable with bags at larger stores and where local kerbside facilities exist

OPP films - 100% recyclable

PET films - 100% recyclable

Supplied with PunnetPack order

Facts & Figures

  • 100%

    100% hermetic seal.

  • 90%

    Excellent environmental credentials with a 90% saving in plastic.

  • 100%

    Board tray 100% recyclable from renewable resources.

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