A sturdy board punnet that has been developed to satisfy the complexities of mushroom handling and the appropriate supply chain.

Key Features

  • Running speed

    The punnets run at approximately 110 units per minute through conventional overwrapping equipment.

  • Radius corners

    Punnet designed to prevent tearing of overwrapping film.

  • Special coating

    No moisture penetration and the punnet keeps its shape even after overwrapping and chilled supply chain environment.

  • Extended life testing

    Carried out in both conventional and high humidity chillers.

Innovative Design

A rigid punnet with radius corners to withstand the rigours of over-wrapping.

Facts & Figures

  • 100%

    100% premium artisan look.

  • 90%

    Excellent environmental credentials with a 90% saving in plastic.

  • 100%

    Board tray 100% recyclable from renewable resources.

Key Benefits

  • Shelf life tests

    Mushroom weight loss is less than 5%, acceptable industry tolerances.

  • Less damage

    Testing of nine days show less bruising of mushrooms than in conventional packaging.

  • Improvement

    The cap whiteness of the mushroom is enhanced.

  • Acceptable levels

    Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide are within the levels for fresh mushrooms.

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