A proven shallow hermetically-sealed board tray in the UK food market. The new member of the HalopackĀ® family.

Key Features

  • Shallow Hermetically- Sealed Carton

    Proven in the market.

  • Airtight Top Seal

    Environmentally-friendly packaging made airtight.

  • Innovative Lip Design

    Contains any residue or juice when the top seal is removed.

  • Solid Board Construction

    Gives rigidity to the tray and prevents bowing of the board.

  • Easily Detachable Liner

    Allows the consumer to place the board tray and liner in separate waste streams and avoids food contamination on the tray.

  • Unique Inline Production

    A patented design that is fully sealable with a unique inline production system for optimal conservation of food content.

New, Innovative Design

One of the new members of the Skinpack family includes a convenient hook on the top flap to enable the SKUs to be hung on a clip strip in-store.

Clear Product Information

While the other new member of the Skinpack family displays a wide flange on the left-hand side for clearer product information for the consumer.

Facts & Figures

  • 100%

    100% extends shelf-life, maintains product freshness and reduces food waste.

  • 90%

    Excellent environmental credentials with a 90% saving in plastic.

  • 100%

    Board tray 100% recyclable from renewable resources.

Key Benefits

  • Full colour offset printable

    Both inside & outside the board tray.

  • Peel-able liner

    Prevents food contamination making the board tray fully recyclable.

  • Extends shelf life

    Extends shelf life, maintains product freshness & reduces food waste.

  • Compatible with existing skinning machines

    A low-cost option for a pack change.

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